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A medical code identifies a specific healthcare service.

Codes (sometimes labeled as a CPT or HCPCS code) will usually appear on:

  • a medical facility's itemized bill (though not typically on a summary statement)
  • an insurance company's Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement

If you don't find medical codes on your statement, you may request a new statement that includes them. Healthcare institutions are legally required to provide this to you.

Find medical codes on your statements:
  1. Find the itemized listing of services on your statement (some facilities send itemized statements and summary statements separately).
  2. The medical code is often labeled as a CPT, HCPCS, or just "Code".
  3. The code is typically 5 digits. If no label is present, search for the code in the descriptive text or in a column for the same line item.
  4. Ignore service charge numbers, which may also appear for each item. Charge numbers are typically longer and often have a dash. These are usually different for each facility and can't be used reliably to compare medical service prices.