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Basic & Preventative Care

Some of the least expensive medical care is considered preventative or basic care.  Much of this occurs in a doctor's office with a facmily doctor or other primary care physician.  Sometimes the first step to leaving the insurance world behind and paying for healthcare directly is finding a way to pay for these types of services.  The resources below will help you find affordable cash-pay alternatives for primary health care services.

Primary Care


Not only DPC physicians, but a lot of other types of physician groups, labs, and other specialties are offering services remotely.  Email, text, and social media messaging is becoming more common.  Some screenings and other tests are being offered via mail-order, so you can run them yourself from your own home.  Additional resources in this segment coming soon!


The cost of most vaccines is covered by Obamacare exchange plans, and most employer plans, as they are considered preventative.  Medicare Part B will pay for flu, Hepatitis B, and pneumococcal vaccines, as well as vaccines directly related to the treatment of injuries or exposure to diseases or conditions such as rabies and tetanus.  Additional resources in this segment coming soon!

Vision / Eye Care

Prescription glasses, contacts, and eye exams have moved into nearly every large pharmacy and supermarket in America.  Eye exam costs can range from $50 to over $250, depending on where the exam is done, as well as whether the exam is performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, what's included in the exam, and whether the exam includes contact lens services.  Vision insurance, except pediatric eye care, is generally not covered under Obamacare.  Plans that include vision for adults are available, however, as are stand-alone vision plans.  Additional resources in this segment coming soon!

Dental Care