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A Direct-contracting Provider Network for Employers

Pricing Healthcare helps small, mid-size, and large employers find significant savings for higher-cost medical procedures.

Employer healthcare costs are rising 5% to 8% annually, increases that are expected to continue for a long time. Pricing Healthcare can help stop that trend and actually reduce an employer's costs through direct contracting. Our providers offer cash discounts on bundled procedures that are typically 35% to 65% lower than insurance-contracted rates, and those rates can be locked in for years.

How We Can Help

Pricing Healthcare offers the following services to help you save on multiple procedures in all of your locations.

Comparisons of providers (including those listing prices privately) on quality measures, price, and proximity
Information on warranties, protection against complications
Analysis of existing claims data to determine current spending on proposed procedures
Employee incentive planning and communication
Travel coordination for employee patients and their families, as needed
Minor adjustments to health plan as needed, legal counsel
A wide range of payment options
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Common Concerns

Because self-funded employers pay the entire cost of care for their employees (minus member deductibles), they have the flexibility to send members to any provider, in or out of network, and utilize providers' most favorable pricing terms. Let us address a few of the most common questions we hear from employers.

Q.  Should I be concerned about the size and reputation of facilities offering direct-pay contracting?
A.  Some of the biggest and most reputable providers have been doing business this way for a while, and almost all providers prefer cash pay to the insurance model. We let you evaluate the quality measures of all providers in our network presenting cash-pay rates, so you can choose your own sub-network for your members.

Q.  Won't this upset and risk the relationship with our existing network carrier?
A.  Even if your claims administrator is also your network carrier (not recommended), in neither case will they want to lose your business over adding a supplement to your health plan. There is little risk of them dropping you.

Q.  Isn't adding direct-pay going to rock the boat and be a lot of extra administrative work? Is it worth it?
A.  It's actually quite simple. Many companies have been doing this for years. We can walk you through the process step-by-step, and take some of the extra work off your plate by doing it ourselves. And as for being worth it, we think the information below speaks for itself.

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