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Converting to Cash-pay Healthcare

Most individuals don't have the financial resources to pay cash for all their healthcare needs, but everyone has out-of-pocket health costs. Going direct tends to be a lot less expensive, and is simpler for everyone involved.

Both patients and employers want to find pricing information for all types of healthcare services on a single site. We don't yet have direct-pay options for all types of procedures in all areas, but we're growing. Let us know what you're looking for, and if we don't have facilities offering those services yet, we can usually find something pretty quickly in most areas of the country.

Click on on the chart below to see cash-pay options for various specialties in the U.S.  Services in the lower sections may be affordable for many individuals on a cash-pay basis, and within a typical deductible. Employers may be more interested in savings available for more expensive procedures, which are in the top sections.

Elderly and Home Care Major Illness / Accident, Long-term Condition Elective & Minor Surgery, Mental Health Diagnostics Mild Illness / Injury, Maternity Basic, Preventative Care Funds for Future / Unexpected Needs