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Providers Make It Easier to Find Affordable Care
Many of America's highest quality healthcare providers have become severely burdened with administrative overhead, regulations, and convoluted pricing. Providers are concerned not only with their own costs resulting from these burdens, but also the harmful effects on patients.

Several years ago a few providers experimented with changes related to the pricing of care. They cut administrative overhead and introduced a model that was simpler, more affordable, and available to anyone, regardless of insurance coverage. Since then, many more providers have adopted variations on this model as an option for their patients, a model that allows them to spend more time doing what they got into medicine for in the first place: caring for people.

Pricing Healthcare brings these providers together on one site, even though their models may have some differences. We're also building a simple, nationwide directory of providers of all types (including those who don't publish any pricing). Such a directory is sorely needed. Our aim is to help consumers find information on quality providers in all specialties, especially information related to care quality, service, and payment options.
Patients of All Types Benefit
All consumers benefit when the process of finding and learning more about healthcare providers is simplifed. Pricing Healthcare's provider directory puts information about a wide variety of specialties and procedures within reach.

On top of that, information on a simpler, more affordable model that's open to everyone is of great value to the tens of millions who are uninsured in the U.S. It also benefits the tens of millions with high deductible insurance plans (especially at year-end), and many more who in one way or another are concerned about healthcare costs.

Even for patients with good insurance coverage, there are still deductibles, cost sharing, and occasionally jarring out-of-network bills. Sometimes a patient simply wants to find the best care possible for themselves or a loved one, and is willing to go out-of-network to find it. Whatever their situation, Pricing Healthcare hopes to help patients find quality care at affordable prices.
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Yes.  We never share your email address, or any other identifying information with anyone, ever.  We take your privacy very seriously.

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Pricing Healthcare is fully HIPAA-compliant.  We use several levels of encryption and security to ensure the protection of your information in the strongest and safest way.
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