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National, Cash-pay Healthcare in One Place
People love a good market, aisle after aisle lined with vendors' tables and tents.  American healthcare needs this.  We've built a place where providers of all types can advertise bundled, cash-pay procedures, without putting contracted or government relationships at risk. A place where individuals can find cash rates, and employers of any size can utilize widespread direct contracting.
Providers Control Their Rates and Visibility
Direct-pay patient traffic means reduced administrative overhead for providers, fewer collection worries, and happier doctors and nurses.  Physicians can coordinate with anesthesiologists to set bundled cash prices on any number of procedures.  Prices are then distributed via private reports to employers and brokers.  Providers choose which prices (if any) are hosted publicly on our site.
Employers Get More Choice, Lower Costs
While access to public pricing is free for anyone visiting our site, employers can also access all private procedure reports, which offer more choices for employees at significantly lower rates.  Our open, cash-pay marketplace brings clarity in pricing, an unlimited provider network, simpler administration and billing, and a lot more.  Best of all, the whole thing costs a lot less!
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Do I remain anonymous?
Yes.  We never share your email address, or any other identifying information with anyone, ever.  We take your privacy very seriously.

How secure is my data?  Is it encrypted?
Pricing Healthcare is fully HIPAA-compliant.  We use several levels of encryption and security to ensure the protection of your information in the strongest and safest way.