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About Us
Pricing Healthcare is an independent, online marketplace for direct-pay healthcare, open to all providers and facilities of any type, and accessible to individuals and employers anywhere in the world.
Healthcare providers can promote themselves on our site, their brand, quality ratings, their services and prices, and anything else they want patients to know about.  We offer facilities a dedicated home page and child pages, hosted on our site, free of advertisements, with a link to the provider's website, and with provider contact information that's clearly visible.
Patients, employers, and brokers can easily find facilities by location, facility type, or services offered, with rates typically much lower than insured rates.  We do not provide rough calculations or estimates.  Prices on our site are kept up-to-date and honored by the facilities listing them.  They are available for anyone willing to pay direct, regardless of place of residence, employment, or insurance coverage.  Online information, including pricing, can be accessed freely, whether in the U.S. or abroad.  Additional services, including more detailed price comparison reports, are available for employers and their purchasing agents for a small fee or on a subscription basis.
We are a privately funded company, founded and incorporated in 2012, with headquarters in the greater Salt Lake City area in Utah.  We are not affiliated with any healthcare or insurance organization or government entity.  Access to our site is free.  Access to registered user content is restricted to those in the United States and its territories.
The Team
We have a talented team with senior-level experience in medical payment systems, software development, web design, usability design, project management, sales & marketing, and legal counsel. Many of them have held leadership roles on very large, enterprise-level projects at some of the biggest companies in America.
Randy Cox – Founder, CEO, CTO, chief software architect, experienced analyst, and senior developer. Randy has worked many years for Intel, Microsoft, and HP, and has has spent years building scalable web healthcare systems for companies such as Allscripts.  In 2011, Randy discovered a huge jump in some regular family medical expenses, which spurred him to build a site where prices for health care services could be compared across facilities throughout the U.S.

Randy is an expert in highly reliable, scalable systems, is rigorous in approaching enterprise-level solutions, and has become one of the nation's experts in healthcare pricing.  Randy has a soft spot for families who struggle financially but want to be able to stand on their own two feet.  He feels deeply about making healthcare more affordable.
Don Bennion – Chief Marketing Advisor, Board of Directors. Don has consulted Fortune 500 companies on their digital marketing strategy for 7 years – companies like Ford, Ikea, and American Express. He is currently Director of Business Strategy & Development at Adobe (Digital Marketing Business Unit). Don also has experience in online sales, social media strategy and execution, and search engine marketing (SEM).
Joseph Horton – Advisor, Hospital Management. Joe was the CEO of Primary Children's Hospital for many years before moving to Intermountain Healthcare as Senior Vice President. He served for many years as Chairman of the Board for the National Children's Hospital Organization. Joe currently lectures at the University of Utah, University of Michigan, and Stanford.
Bonnie Schreck – Advisor, Medical Coding Expert. Bonnie was a director and product manager at Ingenix and Contexo, with emphasis in coding and billing. She consults on medical coding for various organizations and has an entrepreneurial spirit.
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe – Orrick is Pricing Healthcare's legal counsel. Orrick is a global law firm that represents many of the largest public firms as well as over 1200 startups. They took us on as a client in September, 2012, and our primary liaison is San Francisco-based attorney Joseph Perkins, who was involved in advising Instagram in their buyout by Facebook.
We offer a special thanks to those who contributed time, energy, and funds to Pricing Healthcare during its early phases, including the following contributors to our crowd-funding campaign.

David Decker
Walt Goodpastor
Linda Bishop
Brent Bennett
Tyler Smith
Dwain Pope
Thomas Hillesheim
JC Tatro
Charlaan Johnson
Camille Cox
John Rodley
Gary Parker
James Cox
V Ung
Donald Powell
James Washburn
Kurt Francom