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Pricing Healthcare is an open, online marketplace for quality healthcare providers and facilities of all types, who list independently-priced services that they offer directly to patients.
Site visitors can easily find listings of participating facilities, whether searching by procedure, facility type, specialty, or location.  Listed rates are typically comparable to or lower than most insured rates.  We do not provide rough calculations or estimates.  Prices on our site are kept up-to-date and are honored by the facilities listing them.  They are available to anyone willing to work directly with the provider, regardless of place of residence, employment, or insurance coverage.
Providers listing prices with Pricing Healthcare have a dedicated set of pages for their facilities that are hosted on our site and free of advertisements.  This provider space can be used to promote themselves to visitors of our site, including their brand, contact information, links to separate provider sites, the services they offer, prices, quality ratings, and anything else they want patients to know about.  No provider is preferred above or below any other provider on our site.
We are an independent, privately funded company, founded and incorporated in 2012, with headquarters in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area.  We are not affiliated with any healthcare or insurance organization or government entity.  Access to our site is free from anywhere in the world.
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